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Bard not only has the highest quality rated product, but also offers a very extensive line of geothermal equipment. Geothermal units are installed in churches, assisted living care facilities, apartment housing developments and even historical buildings. Since hospitals and schools are interested in saving on their utility bills then why shouldn't homeowners have the same benefits?  Bard produces units of all sizes and there is one that would fit your home.

  • The GeoTec Series of Equipment

The GeoTec series is designed for residential homes and have many options available to choose from to fit your home and give you optimum savings on your utility bills.  Different options include the hot water desuperheater that can make up to 85% of your hot water.  It can also handle internal duct heaters to back up the entire system in case of an emergency.

  • GeoTrio Series

The Bard GeoTrio series offers many different configurations of equipment.  Some that are non-existent by other manufacturers.  With the GeoTrio we can build horizontal, downflow and vertical with straight thru air configurations.  No other manufacturer has accomplished this design.  The GeoTrio geothermal units also have some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry which can reach COP's of 6.1 and EER's of 30.

  • Split Geothermal Units

These geothermal units can be added on to your existing furnace.  Geothermal split units will work with oil, Propane or natural gas furnaces.  We can add geothermal to your existing furnace and you can start saving right away on your utility bills.

Bard has many advantages over the other geothermal manufacturers.  Lets start with having the most experience.  Throw in a ten year warranty along with being made right here in Ohio and you know you will have the best available equipment.  More Bard advantages include a protected desuperheater circuit to ensure you do not burn the pump up when changing the hot water tank at a later date.  Standard size filters that you can buy at your local hardware store.  Built in extra dehumidification for the short cycle times throughout the year.  Field changeable returns in case you decide to add a wall at the last minute.  These are just a few of the Bard Geothermal advantages.